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About Virtual Bucket List

We are passionate about supporting the future of travel and hospitality in South Africa. Right now

How it works

It's simple

  • You select a special offer from the many we have listed.
  • Select the specific link.
  • Make a reservation for a future, as yet undetermined date

This is your commitment to rebuilding South Africa. Once Covid-19 has passed, you confirm the date for your experience and enjoy. Payment is only made to the service provider when you partake of your special experience.

Our Story

The tourism and hospitality industries have been crushed by the #Covid19 pandemic. While none of us is sure what post #Covid19-South Africa will look like, one thing is for certain, our economy will have to be rebuilt. People will travel again.

We invite you to join us in playing our part in the future recovery of South Africa.

So we designed and built Virtual Bucket List.Guru to give you hope today and something to look forward to tomorrow. Your bucket list of yesterday is now null and void! Let us help you build a new Virtual Bucket List.

Dream It. Seal It. Deal It

This is our mantra. Opportunity knocks: Virtual Bucket List.Guru has negotiated special offers for you and your loved ones to enjoy when we are free to explore again.

By taking advantage of our special offers for future travels, stays, meals and experiences; together we can support these industries, safeguard jobs and have something to look forward to in a now-uncertain future. ​

Take a leisurely browse through our special offers featuring an array of destinations, vacations, meals and experiences. Book a memory that will craft your very own Virtual Bucket List, soon-to-be the envy of post #Covid19-South Africa! ​

All the special offers loaded on Virtual Bucket List.Guru have been negotiated directly with the service providers. They cannot wait to share a little piece of their South Africa with you.


Di Brown

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Di has been involved in the tourism industry for 20 years, first as a map maker and for the last seven years as a travel writer known as The Roaming Giraffe. Proudly South African and eager to travel almost anywhere in the world, Di promotes responsible and ethical travel. Clueless at foodie stuff, trying her best at photography and full of words to describe her adventures , Di channels her energy and enthusiasm into activities. Zip lining, white water rafting, surfing, gorilla trekking, SUP, hiking, anything but bungee jumping is what she loves. When not travelling you will find her at the beach recharging and probably getting soaked fully clothed

Ryan Enslin

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With a knack for digital story telling and a wondering eye for the next best photograph, Ryan has worked in the travel and hospitality space for the last five years under his alter ego, My Lime Boots. Sharing his experiences along the way, the content he creates is quirky yet insightful. Always in search of that unique story angle at each client his visits, Ryan loves the art of communicating in the content he creates. This he captures both in still images and video content. Ryan is a passionate South African and an avid world traveler, who sleeps with a packed bag next to his bed, ready for the next adventure. Once Covid-19 has passed, naturally.